MUCSS Executive Roles and Responsibilities as of Fall 2017

MUCSS Executive Roles and Responsibilities as of Fall 2017


The following executive structure is to be implemented for Manitoba’s Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Society as of Fall 2017…

Executive Members

Executive Members (5 individuals) will have executive voting privileges and financial signing access.

President Internal

Role: Represent MUCSS in all matters pertaining to the student body of postsecondary institutes within Manitoba. To network and build a relationship with other formal post-secondary student organizations. To promote the goals of MUCSS throughout post-secondary institutes within Manitoba. To promote the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies (CUCS) and St. Andrew’s College throughout Manitoba. To work with, and be accessible to staff at St. Andrew’s College and the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies. To work and build relationships with UMSU and other student groups on campus at U of M.

*To assume the role of Chairperson of all MUCSS meetings as of Fall 2017. Prepares meeting agenda with President External, Head of Administration, and Treasurer and leads the discussion.

President External

Role: Represent MUCSS in all matters pertaining to the Ukrainian Canadian community outside of post-secondary institutes within Manitoba. To network and build relationships with current Ukrainian organizations within Manitoba (such as dance groups, church organizations, youth groups, etc.) To be the official representative of MUCSS outside of the Province of Manitoba – whether that be throughout Canada, or globally. To create relationships everywhere which insure the promotion of the endeavors of MUCSS. To serve as MUCSS Media Director and appoint (or have the group elect) members who can have social media privileges to help work on the social media accounts. Is responsible for a functioning MUCSS Facebook/Instagram page.

This page is to inform members of MUCSS about the constitution, objectives, executive members, and upcoming events. Responsible to help ensure our social media is updated as often as possible.


Role: To honestly and diligently organize the MUCSS funds. The Treasurer must keep accurate records while using generally accepted accounting principles. To help coordinate various activities and help with financial matters for these activities (help set a budget). Responsible for helping coordinate fundraising activities. Help MUCSS in subsidy and grant applications. *Both on campus and off campus applications. Responsible to keep all funds at a legal, financial institution. To keep a clear leger of all account activity and provide bank statements when the group so needs.

Administration Officer

Role: To keep minutes at all formalized MUCSS executive meetings. To make minutes available to all members. *To appoint a person to take minutes if they are unable to do so. Responsible to maintain records of all members. To help all understand the MUCSS constitutions, and making the constitution available to all. Responsible for informing executive members of all meetings and important decisions in their absence. Responsible for submitting all necessary documents to the Students’ Union of the University of Manitoba. Responsible for working together with the Presidents to ensure that the necessary documentation is accounted for.

Member at Large

Role: The roles of the Member at Large are to: Serve as an advisor and active participant in all manners related to MUCSS. To be an active part of every meeting and MUCSS event. To be a liaison between MUCSS and the city of Winnipeg (and Province of Manitoba) To serve as a fifth, and final, vote on all

executive matters. *Will hopefully be an individual who can use past experience with the group and executive to keep the spirit of the group’s mission true and on course regardless of how many years MUCSS has been in existence.

Advising Members

Manitoba’s Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Society is a group which promotes all of our members involvement. Members can be appointed into various advisor roles to help make decisions and play a part in strengthening our group. Their voices are heard in all matter but not all will have the executive vote or signing privileges.

Some of these roles include…

Vice Presidents

Role: VP’s can be appointed by Presidents or elected by the group in order to assist the Presidents in fulfilling all endeavors of MUCSS on campus or throughout Manitoba. To help coordinate, organize, and maintain contact with all members of MUCSS. To help organize and plan events for MUCSS.

*Although VP’s Do not have the same voting privileges as Presidents (unless there is an equal number of Vice-Presidents in both the internal and external fields – need to keep odd numbers for votes) they do have a large say in all matters (but are not expected to have the same responsibilities as a President.

Tech Advisors

Role: Tech Advisors are to maintain our website, aid in social media issues, and deal with all technological issues which MUCSS may face (whether that be online or at MUCSS events). Tech advisors are also responsible for helping with design for all MUCSS promotional material (and have a necessary say in how this material will be developed). Tech advisors are also responsible for developing an email account for all active executive members, and running the MUCSS contact email. The

Tech advisors will take contact request and send those requests to the proper channels (to whichever person on the executive needs to deal with it)

St. Andrew’s College Rep.

Role: Deals with all matters involving St. Andrew’s College, and sits in on UMSU discussions on the behalf of not only St. Andrew’s College but MUCSS.


Role: Deals with all matters involving the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies and MUCSS. Represents MUCSS at CUCS meetings and acts on our behalf.

U of W Liaison(s)

Role: To deal with all matters involving the U of W student group and MUCSS. To further relations between MUCSS and U of W. To be the voices which represent our group in dealing with the U of W (aside from our Presidents)


Role: Is similar to that of the U of W Liaison, yet for SUSK. Provide group work to SUSK paper. Inform group about SUSK happenings.


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