MUCSS proud to be sponsor for Easter Children Musical in Ukraine

500 people came to the event. 250 gifts were given to children and teenagers.

MUCSS donated $100 to the cultural and community center ISHIFT.

That helped to cover renting costs for Easter Musical which happened in the small town called Svetlovodsk in Central of Ukraine.

Nevertheless on its size theres amazing young generation. Who are doing a lot for community. Let Us introduce you to the ISHIFT

Image result for Svetlovodsk Ukraine map

For today ISHIFT is a small team of volunteers from the youth;
The premises (center) for events and a great desire to develop, cooperate and change our city for the better.

Behind shoulders such projects as “Evenings on the fountain”, Christmas and Easter dance musicals, through which we saw that we need not so much and much good to do good.

At this stage, ISHIFT is such projects as:
– Movie theater
– dance group LFC dance and musicals
– 40 days of kindness. Do good Svitlovodsk
– Evenings on the fountain. Continuation in the summer.
– “Rock” program for guys,
– “Shine” program for girls
– as well as other projects under development and preparation.

We are working to create a space where people can feel free and safe from age, beliefs, nationality, social status and security. Where there is the possibility of personal development, broadening of horizons, communication, rest and good deeds. 


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