SUSK Congress 2018

Here’s to our delegates who made the trip out to Banff for the SUSK National Congress 2018!

They had an amazing time, and not only were they able to see and appreciate the beautiful views, but they were able to learn about a part of Canada’s hidden history. This congress was held to learn about the internment camps that Ukrainian Canadians were forced into during World War 1, and how this was hidden by the government for so many years. During World War 1, Ukrainians who had immigrated to Canada were deemed to be enemy aliens, and were forced to register and check in with the RCMP and sent to camps to do hard labour. These camps were throughout our nation, and there were even camps that held women and children. Evidence of the camps was hidden away for many years, in hopes that the suffering people faced would eventually be forgotten. We attended the conference to say lest we forget about those who were forced into internment camps, and that their voices will be never silenced. Raising awareness about these camps ensures that atrocities such as these never happen within our nation again.

вічна пам’ять (Vichna Pamyat), Eternal Memory

We would like to thank St. Andrew’s College, The Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies, as well as SUSK for the opportunity to go on this trip and learn so much!

Here are some photos our delegates took of their experience!